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Criticism for New Online Gambling Regulation Law in Bulgaria

The latest online gambling news from Bulgaria is that the country has adopted a new internet gambling regulation law.  This law is the first of its kind in Bulgaria.   However, according to the Bulgarian Focus news agency, while legislators have agreed that online gambling should be regulated other changes that the law will make have been frowned upon.

The criticism, which has been expressed by Internet freedom activists, is directed toward the part of the law that obliges internet providers to block unlicensed gambling operators.  The activists, who are against any internet censorship, have written an open letter to the President of Bulgaria asking for him to veto the law.

So far, all of the necessary laws have passed.  The next step will be for the State Gambling Commission to finalization the regulations.   After that, the regulations will then need to meet the approval of the Sofia Regional Court.  Once this occurs, the unlicensed operators ban will come into effect.

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