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Latest gambling related news from Europe

Gambling has experienced different approaches and changes around Europe in the past few weeks.

Various news items have been made public recently in Europe, concerning gambling activities. Not all of them are addressing to online gambling but they are still interesting.

The German province Schleswig-Holstein has set itself apart from the rest of 15 provinces and came up with a liberalized proposal for legalizing online gambling. The proposal was agreed by the EC as well as by the leading online operators and their advocacy groups. The proposal submitted by the rest of the state is still rejected, on reason that it violates the EU laws.

The online gambling proposal of Schleswig-Holstein was to pass this month, creating quite a fuss in the European online industry. However, this has to wait a while longer as unexpectedly Schleswig-Holstein has decided to discuss more on the topic with the rest of provinces and postpone the decision of acting on its own until September 2011.

This has really been a surprise, due to the fact that the two approaches were quite different. Schleswig-Holstein had proposed unlimited licenses and a 20% tax on gross profits, while the joint proposal imposed 7 licenses and 16.66% tax on turnover. The German State Gambling Treaty currently active expires on the first day of 2012.

Spain is also attempting to legalize online gambling. According to, the benefits of online gambling legalization are much bigger than estimated before. The additional tax and license revenue will rise up to €137.5 billion in 2012 only, while the employment increase can get to 120,000 jobs. Also the number of online players in Spain got 33% higher from 2009 to 2010, which means about 370,000 players.

In the UK, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) announced an amendment for the UK Gambling Act 2005. This will add the International Olympic Committee and other sports bodies in the Gambling Act list, as sports governing bodies which the UK Gambling Commission can share information with. The aim is to preserve the integrity of the Olympic Games.

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