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Fore coming closure of Pigg’s Peak Online Casino

Pigg’s Peak Online Casino is to close in the upcoming month, according to one of the employees. 50 employees will lose their jobs.

After one year of litigation with the owners of Pigg’s Peak Casino, the Pigg’s Peak Online Gambling Brand of Casino, poker, bingo and Volcanic Gold will be shut down after a recent court ruling.

The reason for which the casino will be closed is that most of its clientele is based in South Africa, even though players from Zwaziland and Namibia are allowed to use the company’s gaming services.

More than 90% of Pigg’s Peak’s base is located in South Africa, according to a letter sent to the labor commissioner that deals with the matter. The company stated that is will continue operating at least until the end of November.

All the questions addressed to Pigg’s Peak Online Casino Swaziland Branch Manager Muzi Dlamini meant to draw any comments were in vain, as he forwarded them to his superiors in South Africa.

Pigg’s Peak which is owned by Casino Enterprise of Swaziland had lost it final appeal after losing its first case in the lower court. Recently its last appeal has been rejected by the Appeals Court. All South African players have been suggested to arrange for urgent withdrawals.

From now on, Pigg’s Peak Gambling sites will accept only players from outside South Africa, after a long fight in which the owners of Pigg’s Peak have tried to make clear that online gambling only takes place on the operators’ server and not on the players’ computers.

Since the servers were located in Swaziland and not in South Africa, the government decision was inevitable.

Under the present ruling, both players and operators rejecting South Africa’s rules will be prosecuted.

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