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InterCasino launches Spider-Man offer

The new Spider-Man film is not that far away anymore and many online casinos are trying to impress their customers with similarly-themed promotions these days. InterCasino, one of the most popular online casinos in the world, does not want to stay behind and is bringing the Spidey Cash Back Bonanza back.

Players can take advantage of this exciting promotion by entering the code SPIDEY CB during their deposit of more than $20. After that, everything is fairly simply. They only need to play on the two Spidey-themed slots - the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Revelations.

And there is much more when it comes to InterCasino - the popular company is now offering a very active blog page that all customers should regularly follow, as they might be able to pick some valuable hints over there. Apart from this new promotion, offers like the $20K Walk-On Role are still continuing and all players should check them out as well - right now, for example, it might be the ideal time for the qualifying deposits.

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