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European Commission to Set Gaming Policy in the European Union

The new action plan by the European Commission in regards to online gambling is set to be released on October 10th, and the industry is waiting to see if the Commission is ready to enact rules for consumer protection and fair competition.

The European Gaming and Betting Association, EGBA calls this upcoming policy paper a ‘key test’ is measuring the commitment of the European Commission to creating and enforcing rules on online gaming in the European Union. The EGBA is a coalition of many gaming operators in Europe, including bwin group, Unibet, PartyGaming, Expekt, and digibet. Their hope is that the European Commission will enact continent-wide regulations that will eliminate the national markets, protect consumers, and lead to a more transparent and fair licensing process.

The EGBA’s goal is to secure free choice and fair competition amongst European operators, and ensure consumer protection through a legal, fair, and regulated online gaming regulation process.

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